July 26

How Page Speed Can Increase Your Profits?

This is One of the Most Important Advantages for your Company


This is One of the Most Important Advantages for your Company

80% of the internet is viewed on a smartphone. PageSpeed is the top priority for all businesses.

Mobile Responsive vs. Optimized

We need to clarify these two distinct technologies.  Mobile responsive detects your device and rearranges the website. AMP(Accelerated Mobile Page) Optimized is specifically designed for smart devices. NO TRANSLATION NECESSARY. The truth is 80% of all internet access is performed on a smart device. A majority of all e-commerce sales are performed on a smartphone or tablet. 

Why is AMP Important?

AMP vs. Mobile

How can a business use AMP websites? The truth is that AMP sites require a hign degree of technical skills.

Here is an except from Neil Patel's blog on AMP you can click on the higlighted text to read the entire article.

Worse, publishing directly with these formats requires developers and those with technical know-how. Many small businesses don’t have access to those human assets.

Fortunately, there are a lot of pre-built WordPress plugins for the rest of us. That way, we don’t have to be a code-ninja to get set up.

AMP for WP is one free example with decent reviews.

The truth from what I am reading is "DECENT" means less than what you need for your business. 

How To Benefit From AMP?

Product Videos

Some will say "You will lose your branding" but your BRANDING is in the video so how will you lose it?  YOU WON'T.

The truth is your web design WILL HAVE TO INCORPORATE VIDEOS. The video will serve on your website AND social media.

80% of people who view a video purchase the product. 

Search Metrics Research

I believe in research and the numbers tell the truth.

I want to point out in the graphic is: Facebook Total, GOOGLE+ and Tweets. This points out that AMP is being adopted across the board and those that jump on-board early will be way ahead of everbody. This is about PAGE #1 ranking.

GOOGLE+ is the hub of ALL internet activity and they own YouTube. GOOGLE is backing the AMP implementation. It just makes sense we have to play ball with GOOGLE.

Are You Ready For Video?

Video is the #1 rated form of delivering customers. Marketing research shows the demand for video will increase through 2021.

Performance Is Conversions

Home Depot saw a potential increase in revenue by improving response time by 1 second.  It just makes sense to combine AMP with video.

Staggering Results Of Video

Using product videos can increase product purchases by an impressive 144%.

 Mobile traffic has overtaken desktop, 57% of all online traffic comes from mobile and tablet devices.


We chose SITEGROUND for BEST all around preformance. If the performance is not there you are wasting time and money. 

We manage all the technical problems so YOU don't have to get involved.

Website Useablity

Web Design With Video Will Increase The Lifespan

  1. WEBSITE LIFESPAN -The average lifespan of a website is 3 years before it will have to be overhauled. A business consideration BEFORE you invest in technology that can be obsolete. AMP is the FUTURE of web technology
  2. WEBSITE LIFESPAN - will be increased because you can change the video and NOT have to redesign the entire website.
  3. WEB MARKETING -Marketing on the web has moved to video. People are becoming a visually oriented generation. 
  4. GOOGLE developed AMP,  OWNS THE SEARCH ENGINE and YouTube. 

Real Life Usage

We recently implemented a blog for our client Within Design in Milwaukee. You are viewing an AMP site right now. During the development of Within Design, we saw an opportunity and we took it. We saw that this fit right in with the video content explosion.  Why develop a website with a lot of copy when you can have a website optimized for mobile technology with video content. Here is a shameless ad, we create the videos for our clients, too. At SERIO Design FX, we are flexing our creative and technology muscle.

  1. 48% of millennials view video solely on their mobile device. 
  2. 57% of users say they won’t recommend a business with a poorly-designed mobile site. 
  3. 91% of mobile users say that access to content is very important. 
  4. 88% of consumers who search for a type of local business on a mobile device call or go to that business within 24 hours.
March, 2018: Google gives AMP sites search priority. They will display AMP sites FIRST on smartphones.

Disruptive Innovation

Innovation that is disruptive catches everyone by surprise.

GOOGLE = AMP Web Design + YouTube

Native AMP engineered solutions is web design! I have taken a look at the conditions of web design, market research and technology. Just like no one thought the car, electricity, Facebook, Google or Apple would work. SURPRISE!!! 

The current conditions of web technology is and has been undergoing a paradigm shift.

Designers, engineers and psycologists have studied what actually works and what is not working anymore.

Recent advancements with the internet infrastructure is making it possible for a quantum leap in engineered design

IDEA: Native AMP with GOOGLE YouTube Network


The graphic from TechCrunch shows YouTube in second place but we are seeing rapid growth on the YouTube network.

I talked to people and they said they can see a sales pitch coming when surfing the net. Bounce rates are increasing and engagement is declining.  

Well, heads up, GOOGLE says "make a website that people will love, tell their friends about and keep returning to the site". That certainly does not look like a majority of the sites I looked at. I saw two web sites that made my jaw drop.

The first is WONDR an award winning commision agency and at the other end of the spectrum is
11 Coffee.

When I directed one my critics to this site he had to eat his words. LMAO I invite you to take a look at DISRUPTIVE INNOVATIVE WEB DESIGN those two sites says it all.


All websites at SERIO Design FX will have an AMP front end framework with video content. Our research in the tech community is showing that Wordpress developers are finding it difficult to incorporate AMP because the plugins aren't supporting it, yet.  Our development with BOOTSTRAP and JAVASCRIPT will continue and be used where it makes sense. We saw no need to add another component(i.e. Wordpress) which may be on it's way out. The lifespan of a website is 3 years before it has to be overhauled.  Technology as a service that is our philosophy.

How PageSpeed Can Increase Your Profits?

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