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How social media video is different media?

Social media video is the paradigm shift that will change how humanity relates.

Social Media Video vs. Commercials

We need to clarify these two distinct video styles.  Social media is "SOCIAL" as it relates to the viewer through visual, audatory and emotional cues. How does social media relate to "ME"? It is more personal.

Commercials, on the other hand, are general purpose video that follow a formula to reach a wide audience. It is like throwing out a net when fishing and hope you catch some fish. We have tuned out this approach with the advent of the remote control.  

Audience Personas

We like to call it "TARGETED DEMOGRAPHICS" but not all demographics are as what they once were. The ethnic diversity and economic segmentation has created a real divide in people's persception. For instance, a 100k/year Afro-American, Latino or Caucasian have different persceptions of what is important. We have what I would call MICRO DEMOGRAPHICS, social media will have to be tailored to the micro level.

  1. 48% of millennials view video solely on their mobile device. MICRO DEMOGRAPHICS
  2. Designers will increasing use video in web design and the formula approach to design and video will undergo a dramatic change.
  3. Creativity is the highly regarded skill in this economy. Can you go to school for creativity? CREATIVITY-101, no you can't, either you are born with it or you aren't.


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How social media video is the paradigm shift?

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