Essential Items For Branding

How To Attract Your Perfect Customer.

I used to buy fishing lures that never really worked. An old fisherman told me "Didn't you know lures are designed to catch fisherman NOT THE FISH!!!"

Design Process

Branding Personality

Most web designs skip the MOST important step and it is a setup for failure. A website is designed to catch your customers NOT YOU.

If you skip this nothing works. You don't have to be perfect because it will change over time.

The 1st thing an agency designer does is determine the BRANDING Personality.  You can take the questionaire by clicking on the link and it will email you the results.

Send me a copy I would love to see it. Email: SERIO Design Fx

Are you surprised?

We see this all the time.
We ask a client for their branding personality.
Their answer: What's that?

Do you want to attract your customers?

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You have to KNOW as much as you can about your customer. Buffer has a great article on how to create a buyers profile.

Customer Profile

This is a Q & A process where you answer some basic questions about YOUR customer.  

Here is a SHARK TANK question: Have you ever sold your product or service to anyone?

If the answer is "YES", you have a starting point for defining YOUR customer. You could ask them "why they bought your product of service?".

If the answer is "NO", you will have to make some basic assumptions. Gender, Age, Race, Education, Income level and social agenda. Social agenda plays an important role in marketing. Don't forget the LGBT community because they are passionate and very active socially.

For purposes of this article, we will use an actual client of SERIO Design FX. The clients Branding Personality is: Creativity, Magician and Love. The customer research study showed that his product and services are for people who buy high-end art, antiques and furniture. Products they LOVE.

During the research, we found a review on YELP where a woman planned a weekend trip with her husband from Illinois to Milwaukee, Wi. just to BUY a product she saw on the internet.

This shows the importance of connecting the brand and client personalities.  We created the logo animation, value proposition, color scheme and typography based on the up front research. 

Best Website Design

We created this video animation for our client using a special animation product. We carried the message, color scheme throughout the video. 

  • Branding - Absolutely must be performed to determine the clients personality.
  • Customer - Absolutely must be performed with Q & A and research.
  • Connect The Dots - Choose the personality that connects the client and their customer. We design to reach the client's customer. 
  • Video Design is changing web design but GOOGLE suggest design a site that people will LOVE and SHARE with their friends.
  • Choose colors, typography and value proposition based on ALL THE ABOVE.
  • Here is THE MOST INSPIRING SITE I HAVE EVER SEEN, it takes a second to load but it is WORTH WAITING FOR WONDR Design Agency.

"Creativity Is A Way Of Life"


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