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  • BUSINESS OWNERS - Who want to upscale their existing online prescence using a single source provider with the expertise to meet the needs and goals of the business.
  • NEW BUSINESS  -  Owners who have no desire or technical expertise but recognize they need to be online for their business to be competitive in their market.  
  • OUTSOURCE SERVICES  -  Business needing to consolidate time consuming and costly business functions into a cost effective solution.
  • CONSULTANT SERVICES - Business who have a one-time need for an expert in an area needing improvement such as: Video Website Design, SEO/Keyword Research, YouTube Channel Development or Social Media Management.

Best Branded Digital Media Videos

You can have videos with all the glamour and gloss of a high-class advertising agency, with real actors, real models, and professionally shot video that’d normally need a Madison Avenue budget to produce for a fraction of the cost.

#1 Most Important Lucrative Investment For Business Is Video

World Economic Council stated  "2018 Video content will be a paradigm shift for humanity that we have NEVER seen".

It's June, 2018 an that is an understatement.
Mid-2018 stats for video shows that consumers consume video. 

Voice search presents a tectonic shift in how people search for and discover content via  Skyword.

Mastering The Best Video Content

Discover the myths that are sabotaging your brand video strategy.  Creative marketing videos require media marketing strategy based on the current trends and statistics. 2018 is proving to be a pivotal year for the most important social media for business. 
Did you see the rabbit or the duck?

The Landing Is Everything

You have 2.7 minutes to catch the attention of your target audience and convince them to convert.

Now, 2.7 minutes might not seem like enough time to impress anyone, but Forrester research revealed that a minute-long video is actually worth 1.8 million words. 

Traffic Converting Video Pages

Humans have short attention spans, people don't read but they will watch a video. Video on a landing page can increase conversions by 80% or more.Having a video on a landing page makes it 53% more likely to show up on the coveted GOOGLE Page 1. Viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video compared to 10% when reading it in text. Did you read that service agreement BEFORE you CHECKED the box "I have read and agree to the terms and conditions?".  Everyone is watching videos. 

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How To Have Social Media Video Work For You?

Social media video creates the connection between your business and the customer. The most important social media video reaches your customer in their pocket because EVERYONE is walking around with a TV in their pocket. Let's make the connection...


The power of social media is essential with the GOOGLE alogoritm change in March, 2018. Our client received a substantial index boost and this article shows the impact of combining YouTube, Google+, and Facebook.

What Can Video Do For You?

Video has the power to convert potential customers and bring awareness to your services. YouTube is the fastest growing social media outlet. Statistics on video marketing show that video on any social media is the most lucrative investment a business can make.

How different is social media ?

Social media video is changing the design methods on a huge scale. Social media is about "ME". How does your media and website relate to "ME" on an emotional level? Commercial formulas are no longer working for many brands. 

How to Use Video Content?

Who is going to take on the challenge? Infographics brought video marketing to a  stand still. Marketing video is making a HUGE impact on the bottom line. 

How To Build Amazing Online Presence?

Building amazing online presence really isn't that hard. It takes a passion for what your are doing. I tell you the foundation for building your online presence. Also, the one thing no one talks about and if you get it wrong you lose before you get started.

#1 Secret Of Web Design Using Video - Branding

How to use video for customer conversion in web design? Web design using video is an obvious choice when you consider that everyone has a TV in their pocket. But, what does this mean for web design? Discover how website video is a compelling customer conversion tactic.

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Fast load times are essential in today's mobile society. The internet is viewed by 80% of mobile devices.


Social media garners the attention of potential customers. Customer's who view a video are 80% more likely to purchase your product.


The abilty to have a front end framework tailored for smartphones is a HUGE advantage.

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